5kw Synapse & Pylontech Backup System

About the project

Pylontech3000 battery now offers a whopping 6000 cycles at 95% DOD! As one of South Africa’s best selling batteries, PylonTech offers the best in design, functionality and safety. US3000C solar battery prices are competitive and offer scalability with the ability to parallel up to 16 batteries. The US3000C can be used with an existing battery bank consisting of older US3000 lithium-ion batteries.

Project Photos

Installation included

  • x Synapse King Inverter 5kW
  • 3 x Pylontech3000 Battery
  • 1 x Battery Cabinet for 4 lithium Batteries

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    Reduced grid dependancy

    No load shedding

    Reduced electricity bill

    Increased security reliability

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