LED Solutions

Reduce your energy load with LED lighting or implement a backup lighting system when the power goes off.

Benifits of using LED

  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Long and durable lifespan
  • LED’s Light instantly in nanoseconds, no delay
  • Simple and easy directional lighting
  • Controlable with excellent colour rendering as well

Traditionally, many homes have been lit up by incandescent light bulbs. Unfortunately, this type of lighting system is incredibly inefficient as 95% of the electricity they use is wasted by being turned into heat.

LEDs are undoubtedly the most efficient type of electronic light source currently available. Unlike conventional light sources like halogen, incandescent or CFL bulbs, LEDs are not made of fragile elements such as glass tubes or filaments and do not contain dangerous materials like mercury or lead, ensuring safer, more durable lighting. LEDs also use considerably less energy and emit less heat than traditional lighting systems, making them more energy efficient as well as less frequent to replace.

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Rechargeable LED Down-lights

Enjoy lighting when power to your office or home is interrupted without any hassles or…


Other Rechargeable LED Down-lights solutions

We have a complete range of Rechargeable LED Down-lights solutions and packages


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