Gas Solutions

Alternative power options for heat generating devices that run partially or completely independent from the grid.

Benifits of using Gas

  • You have the power to control the level and rate of heating.
  • Heating is steady, thereby supporting power preservation.
  • You do not need electricity for bathing or cooking
  • Its very cost-efficient
  • Heating is almost instant, perfect for high volumes or on demand use

One constraint to completing a truly “of the grid” state for any home is the amount of power that is required for any appliance that generates heat. Even the most heavy duty solar and generator backup systems quickly deplete energy that has been stored when making use of a heating utility or device.

The solution is to rely on gas powered geysers and stoves. This removes the high energy demand from you backup energy system and extends the up-time drastically. Not only that, but gas is a more efficient fuel for these devices; generating instant heat on demand.

We have a wide range of gas powered solutions on offer, from gas powered geysers to gas cooking solutions, all working towards your energy, cost and reliability goals.

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Gas Geyser

Heat water on demand. Only as you turn on the hot tap will the unit…


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