Backup Power Solutions

Modular power supply solutions designed for specific use cases

Benifits of using Backup Power

  • Maximise consumption of your own power
  • Keep your home’s electricity resilient
  • Get power even with no grid connection
  • No noise pollution
  • Affordable to install

Load Shedding is an inconvenience that effects us all. It has devastating effects on everyday necessities like heating, cooling and lighting. Due to the increasing demands on the national grid we may experience more power outages in the next few years and having a residential backup power solution to ensure that you don’t get stuck without electricity.

Our off grid systems offer reliable and efficient power to all home owners. We have a solution for your every need, whether you simply need battery back up or fully integrated off the grid systems.

Our Solutions


Trolley Inverter System

This option will keep your TV, Router, DSTV Decoder, a lamp and laptop computers going…


5kW Backup System

This option will keep your lights and small appliances on during any Eskom load shedding…


Other Backup Power Systems solutions

We have a complete range of Backup Power Systems solutions and packages


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