5kW Solar & Gel Battery Backup System

Power lights and other essential appliances for 4-6 hours depending on the load. Batteries are charged by solar panels as well as the grid.

How this system works

Modular & upgradable


This system ensures that your batteries can be charged by the sun as well as the grid if power is available. This means that during the day the solar panels will charge the batteries in sunny conditions else if there is no sun the grid will take over the charging duties.

The system will automatically switch over to battery backup should the grid fail without any noticeable delay or interruption.

You can power most of you household appliances with this system except and heating or cooling devices, which are very power hungry and will deplete your batteries very quickly. Alternatives to this issue would be to install gas powered heating devices which will reduce the load on this system drastically.



Battery Backup
Grid tied
Solar Panels


Commercial use
Residential use

1 x 5kW Inverter

2 x 200ah Gel Batteries

8 x 300W Solar Panels

Battery Cabinet

Change-over Switch

DB Board

Roof Mount Hardware

Circuit Breakers



Included in this Package

A complete turn-key solution

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